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I specialise in food, product and restaurant photography, social media management, digital marketing, email marketing and websites in Cornwall. I help tourism, hospitality and e-commerce businesses create effective content, develop their online strategy and grow their audience.

All my creative services are brand-focused and strategic and are designed to help your business stand out in the crowd. Please get in touch if you’d like a quote for any of my services.

I currently offer WordPress website refreshes, website management, studio food photography and digital marketing services to both UK and international clients. Restaurant photography, on-site photography and social media management services are only available for clients based in Cornwall, UK. 

In order to set a date to start your website or marketing project or to book a date for a photoshoot, you with receive a contract to sign and an invoice for a 25% deposit. Once the project or photoshoot is complete, and any amendments have been made, you will receive an invoice for the remaining 75%. This will all be explained in the contract, and if you have any questions regarding this I will happily talk you through it. 

Please note: there is currently an 8-week waiting list for the majority of my services. Please get in touch for more information about my availability.