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seo services
in Cornwall.

Cornwall SEO for tourism. hospitality. services. creatives. tradespeople.

seo services in cornwall.

Cornwall SEO for tourism. hospitality. services. creatives.


better over time

Standing out is essential if your business is already in a saturated industry so put your content from and centre with search engine optimisation.


why Onna design?

TEN years experience

Over a decade of experience working with WordPress across a range of industries.

local market expert

Over eight years experience working with Cornish businesses on their digital strategy.

adaptable & transparent

Commended on my honest and straight forward approach. Adaptable to your working style.


Onna Design has revolutionised its clients’ online presence. After partnering with one of our tourist attraction clients, their website page views soared by 455%, users increased by 130%, and their search engine ranking score (domain authority) rose from 32 to 39. In just one year, ticket sales grew by 12%.

SEO is a game-changer for businesses looking to attract new customers. Did you know that 68% of online experiences start with a search engine, and 53.3% of all website traffic comes from organic searches? Investing in SEO is a more cost-effective and long-term strategy than paying for influencers or ads.

At Onna Design, we offer comprehensive SEO services as a Design and SEO agency in Cornwall. Even if your business is not located in Cornwall, we can still help. Our services extend beyond the local market, from local SEO to E-commerce SEO services.

seo packages.

Highlight your content with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Standing out is crucial, especially in saturated markets. As a Cornwall-based website and SEO agency, we provide extensive SEO services. Whether your business is local or elsewhere, Onna Design offers a wide range of SEO solutions, including local SEO in Cornwall and SEO services for e-commerce websites.

SEO audit

One Off Audit
£ 250 Starting from
  • Health Check for Website
  • Track Current Rankings
  • Competitor Analysis

Seo Project

One Off SEO Project
£ 1450 Starting from
  • Keyword Research
  • On-page optimsation
  • Quality content
  • Optimise site architecture

Monthly SEO

On Going SEO
£ 500 From / Monthly
  • Quality monthly content
  • Monthly Reports
  • 3 Month minimum retainer

seo audits.


  • Keyword research identifies optimal phrases for your content.
  • Competitor analysis highlights industry benchmarks and strategies for differentiation.
  • We address content and architectural issues to enhance relevance and user experience.
  • Technical audits ensure your site operates seamlessly, improving load times and usability.


Keywords are crucial for improving visibility on search engines. We begin by researching relevant keywords tailored to your website and target market. This ensures that your site has a better chance of appearing in relevant searches, driving more potential customers to your business.

On-page optimisation involves enhancing your existing website content to improve search engine rankings. This includes refining text for clarity and readability, integrating targeted keywords, and ensuring cohesive and engaging content flow.

Effective link acquisition is key to increasing your website’s visibility. We assist in securing inbound links from relevant websites, enhancing your site’s authority and improving its ranking in search engine results. We also optimize internal linking structures to enhance navigation and user experience.

Effective site architecture optimisation is crucial for enhancing your website’s usability and search engine visibility. It involves strategically organising your website’s structure and internal linking to improve navigation and user experience. By ensuring clear paths to key content and products, optimising site architecture helps visitors find what they need quickly and encourages longer stays on your site. Additionally, it boosts SEO by making it easier for search engines to crawl and index your pages, ultimately enhancing your site’s ranking and online presence.

Our expert copywriters craft compelling e-commerce and service-oriented content optimized for SEO. Engaging copy not only attracts and retains visitors but also enhances your site’s search engine performance.

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