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Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens.


Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens is a beautiful tropical and sub-tropical gardens in Penzance, that quickly established itself as one of the most popular attractions in the area.

Tremenheere were in the process of having a new website designed by Tim from thstudio and were looking for someone to create an SEO strategy for the site, help with content building and build a long term digital marketing strategy for the brand. That’s where I came in.

My first task was to create a keyword strategy and plan the site’s information architecture. Working closely with Tom from Tremenheere and Tim over the course of three months, we created an easy to read, SEO friendly site that will stand the test of time.

Social media played a crucial role in Tremenheere’s digital marketing strategy and I worked alongside Tom to create fresh seasonal content, send out monthly email campaigns, promote events for the gallery and gardens and increase brand awareness.

Within the first two months of overseeing their marketing, Tremenhere’s Facebook grew by over 400% and in one month I increased their newsletter subscribers by 700 contacts by creating an automated locals’ voucher integration.

Social Media, Marketing, Website Management, SEO
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Digital Marketing in Cornwall - Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens near Penzance.
Digital Marketing in Cornwall - Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens near Penzance.

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