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Restaurant Photography in Cornwall

Helping Your Cornwall Restaurant Stand Out.

As a Cornwall restaurant photographer, I know how hard it is to stay relevant and competitive. It seems like a new restaurant is opening up every month. 

But I promise you can shine through all your competition with the right tools. For example, tourists who come to visit Cornwall don’t want to eat at the same restaurant every night. But they may be willing to go to your place twice if they fall in love. Locals will keep coming back to your restaurant because they connect with you, love your food, and love the atmosphere. 

I’ve been helping my Cornwall restaurant community thrive since 2017. In addition to doing copywriting, SEO, email marketing, and more, I also do a lot of photography. Photography is one of my biggest passions and, therefore, one that inspires me the most. 

Photography helps customers connect with you on a subconscious level. If your restaurant photos strike a core in your customers, they will come to you instead of your neighbour. Photography is how customers get to feel your emotions about the food you create.

"We are very happy with the final products and website and have had lots of positive comments already. Onna was very efficient and professional and always quick to reply to emails. She was a pleasure to work with!
Mackerel Sky
Burger, fries and beer on a dark background, with hand dipping fry in mayonnaise.

what I shoot:

  • interiors of your restaurant/bar/cafe.
  • your delicious menu.
  • people eating and having a good time.
  • Your kitchen staff.
  • Chef and owner portraits
  • The view from your restaurant/bar/cafe.


The possibilities are endless! People love seeing the behind the scenes on social media and everything about where they are going before they go. Sharing photos of how food is prepared, who is preparing that food, the dining situation, and more gets people’s tastebuds going. 

uk restaurant photographer

Good pictures on your website and social media are one of the biggest reasons why people choose your place of business over others. If it is not Instagrammable, many younger folk won’t want to go there in this digital age. 

Another perk of showing that your restaurant is Instagrammable is that when people visit, they will want to share their photos on social media so all of their friends and followers can see what they are up to. Now that is free advertising, so it’s a win-win. 

Glass of Rose wine, in the Mackerel Sky Restaurant
Mackerel plated on a shell, with lemon wedge.

monthly photography packages

Show people what they are missing out on by sharing my photos on social media, in email marketing, on your website and more. 

I offer monthly photography packages and photography specifically for social media. You can also choose a custom social media or marketing package. 

Work with me.

Are you ready to show off your food and beverages? First, take a look at my portfolio as a Cornwall food and drinks photographer. Then, if you love the photos, send me an email.