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Product Photography in the UK

Bye Bye Competition, Hello Loyal Customers.

Professional product photography is so important for selling a product. Without a beautiful photo, people will not know and understand what you are selling. I help e-commerce and brick and mortar stores put their products out there and get them to the consumer through beautifully crafted photos. 

I am a Cornwall based product photographer. But if your business is not in Cornwall, do not worry. Just send your products over to my studio, explain your vision, and I’ll handle the rest: no more booking an entire day to oversee the photography process. 

Hire me as your professional product photographer because I have an artistic eye. To me, a product isn’t just a product. A product is a way to sell an emotion. Customers will feel like they have to have your product because the image made them happy or nostalgic. 

A professional product photographer will just elevate your products so much more than doing it yourself. Not only that, but I’ll be able to save you so much time, and save you the headache of always coming up with new creative ideas to showcase your products. 

"Very professional, friendly and quick- will definitely be using Onna again in the future."
Beige Donuts Logo on yellow.
Beige Donuts
Burger, fries and beer on a dark background, with hand dipping fry in mayonnaise.

here's how it works

All you need to do is post me the products, and I’ll handle the rest. We will have a conversation about what your products are, and what you’re trying to show your customers in the photos.

The next step will be for me to create a mood board and a shots list. Then, you can review it and let me know what you love and don’t love. 

From there, I’ll craft the perfect setting to shoot the photos. I’ll use custom or typical backdrops, so the products pop in the images.

I will also gather lots of props to make the item stand out. For example, if you are selling sunscreen, I can make the sunscreen appear to have been shot at the beach. The possibilities are endless.

Once I have enough shots of your products, I’ll go ahead and start the editing process. All the photos are taken and edited in my Cornwall photography studio.

professional product photographer

There is a massive difference between taking a picture with a phone and taking it with a camera. The quality will be better, the photo will be sharper, the lighting will be better, and many other differences.

Setting up a shot to portray your vision is also quite tricky. Everyone has their strong suits. Let me show you mine. I’m a creative product photographer who can make your products stand out from the competition. All that stands between a customer buying your product and your competition is the way the product looks. 

Professional product photography is the art of making something ordinary become extraordinary. Let me help you stand out from all of the companies that are selling the same items. You should stand out so your business thrives. 

Glass of Rose wine, in the Mackerel Sky Restaurant

Work with me.

Are you ready for your products to pop on your website and be snatched up by customers? Check out my Cornwall product photography portfolio. If you see what you like, reach out.