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Food Photography in the UK

food and drink photography.

Let’s talk about food. Yes, that thing that makes the world go round. Is your stomach already churning and tastebuds burning? I’m right there with you. I’m a Cornwall, UK based food photographer. But I work with clients outside of the UK as well. So all you need to do is send me your food or drinks.

The process of getting the food or drink items to me is super easy. From there, you won’t have to do much. I’ll research your brand and, of course, listen to what your vision is. If you are not sure what you want, no worries. I’ve done it all. Leave the creativity to me, so you don’t have to deal with it.

Describing how something tastes can be done through words is one of the services I offer, but photos take it up a notch. Images can make or break your business. The second a person looks at your pictures, they form an opinion of your company. If your pictures aren’t bright and emotionally striking, that person can potentially never revisit your website. 

I’m all about helping your business grow as a package. Your branding should be reflected in all of your images and the text on your website, the theme, the colours, and more. An image is the way people associate what your brand is. 

"So happy with the photos that Onna took of my products. She took the time to understand the aesthetic of my brand and really listened to exactly what I was after!"
Beige Donuts Logo on yellow.
Beige Donuts
Burger, fries and beer on a dark background, with hand dipping fry in mayonnaise.

here's how it works

  1. We have a conversation about your food or drink brand: who are you and what is your vision.
  2. You send the products in the post. 
  3. Together we create a mood board and a shot list, and map out exactly what you need from the project.
  4. I set about sourcing any recipes and custom props and backdrops needed for the shoot.
  5. Shoot day! I shoot the photos in my home studio and send you updates via text, email or Zoom.
  6. I do an initial edit then send you a gallery so you can make your final image selection.
  7. Once I have your image selection I start the retouching process
  8. Et voila! You receive your images!

uk food photographer

The beauty of sending me the food or drink items is that you will never have to spend a whole day with me in your place of business unless you want to. So streamlining this process saves you not only time but also money. 

How the photo of your food or drink looks is paramount for anyone trying to sell those items. People eat with their eyes. I’m a creative photographer in Cornwall, UK. Therefore I’m able to create unique shots of your food or drinks. The photos of your food or beverages will come out looking more delicious than ever.

Do you want to show how the food or drink was made or prepared? I can shoot photos of some of the recipe development and how the recipes are put together. That way, customers get to see the process and maybe even recreate it themselves if you make meal kits and such. 

Glass of Rose wine, in the Mackerel Sky Restaurant
Mackerel plated on a shell, with lemon wedge.

monthly food photography in cornwall.

You can choose to hire me for just a specific food or beverage line. Or, if you prefer, I can routinely shoot photos for you. Whenever you come out with something new, I’ll be there to make your food or beverage pop in a photo. 

Don’t be afraid to use your photos across different marketing materials. The more you put yourself out there, the more people will know about your brand.

If you want your food or beverages to stand out, hire me as your Cornwall, UK food and drinks photographer. 

Work with me.

Are you ready to show off your food and beverages? First, take a look at my portfolio as a Cornwall food and drinks photographer. Then, if you love the photos, send me an email.