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Johanna Graham.

Johanna Graham is an accomplished wedding jazz singer based in Penzance, Cornwall. She is a dynamic performer who originally trained and worked as an actress. Available to perform at weddings and events throughout Cornwall, as a jazz singer with piano or guitar, or as a full quartet.

what we did.

After the UK lockdowns, Johanna was eager to relaunch her site in time for the upcoming wedding season, where she often performs. Johanna needed a website that not only showcased her musical talents but also conveyed her unique brand identity in a fresh and modern way.

Upon reviewing her existing website, I identified several areas that required attention. Some elements were broken and unfinished, detracting from the user experience. Additionally, her brand’s colour palette needed an update to better reflect her personality and artistic style. I collaborated closely with Johanna to understand her vision and ensure that the website would resonate with her audience.

I undertook an extensive website refresh, focusing on both functionality and aesthetics. I modernised the overall design, making it more visually appealing and user-friendly. I also revamped the site’s navigation to make it easier for visitors to explore Johanna’s music, upcoming performances, and booking information. The updated colour palette brought a fresh and cohesive look to the site, enhancing its visual appeal and aligning it with Johanna’s brand.

The relaunch of the Johanna Graham website was a resounding success. The new design not only resolved the previous issues but also elevated her online presence, making it a more effective tool for engaging with her audience and attracting new clients. 

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