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Why you should invest in a professional food Photographer in Cornwall

Here’s Why Professional Food Photography Is Worth The Investment… 

Out of all the things in the world, food is how many of us share our culture. The kitchen has been the centre of the home for generations. Traditionally the family gathers around the table and shares their day over plates of delicious dishes. Many people even go ahead and share their meals on social media because people eat with their eyes. One of the first things that get your tastebuds going is just looking at the food. The colours, textures, shapes, and more draw you to that food. For this reason and many others, investing in a professional food photographer in Cornwall is well worth the money and time. 

The Photos Can Be Used for Many Different Purposes 

A big reason why people choose to like a photo on social media or go to a restaurant, etc., or buy a product is because they saw a picture that resonated with them. For example, maybe they saw a beautiful image of a stew and finally decided to try that dish for the first time. Or perhaps they saw an ad on the side of the motorway of delicious-looking lunch and decided to stop by. That person may not have been hungry, but that photo made them indulge because the food looked so delicious. 

Professional food photos can be used for a multitude of purposes. For example, the images can be used for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, blog posts, websites, print and digital ads, cookbooks, and so much more. As a food photographer in Cornwall, I help my clients get as many uses as possible out of the photos I take for them. Those photos can be used across platforms to get as much engagement and exposure as possible. 

The Food Will Look So Much Better 

A food photographer will spend the time curating the photos to look spectacular. Of course, anyone with a smartphone can take some lovely pictures, but that’s incomparable to what a food photographer can do. A professional food photographer is trained to make the pancakes look fluffy, and the bacon look extra crispy. The food will never look flat. When people look at those photos, they will see the food come to life. A professional food photographer will turn your vision and dream into something beautiful. 

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words 

It’s pretty easy to explain what you had for dinner last night to your friends. But when you show them a photo of it, they will understand so much more why that food was delicious and worth going to purchase. Pictures can tell a story so much more than a person can. So when flipping through different cookbooks, which one are you more likely to buy: the one with the bright photos or the one with just the recipes written out? The clear answer is the cookbook with the pictures because you understand what the dish is, and the food looks so much more enticing. 

You Can Stand Out 

The competition is fierce. Many new restaurants and cafés are opening every year, and more food products are hitting the shelves than ever before. Surviving means innovating. So why would someone decide to go to your restaurant instead of your neighbour’s restaurant? Well, maybe they saw a gorgeous photo of a dish you serve on your social media or in a local newspaper. You can even share those photos on your website so people who are looking at your menu can also look at a gallery of your food. With the help of a food photographer in Cornwall, your perfectly curated professional photos will make you stand out in this competitive market. 

Looking Professional Is Important 

It may be hard to accept because your food is probably incredibly delicious, but the appearance of your business is critical. People usually browse a social media account or a website for a very short amount of time and make quick decisions. The look of your website, social media account, ad etc., can make or break why someone decides to buy from you. So putting all your effort into investing in a good photographer that will help your business look professional and relatable is worth the money. Instead of competing with every food company in the area, you’ll be competing with way fewer of them. Your business will begin to stand out among the competition. 

Professional Food Photography Is the Way to Go 

I’m a food photographer in Cornwall who is passionate about helping businesses stand out from their competition. Professional food photography can tell the story of your business and why people should go with you instead of someone else. Your food photos will stand out because they will bring your food to life and show how delicious your dishes or products are. You’ll be able to use those photos for many different purposes and for many platforms such as social media, print ads, your website, and much more. Your business deserves to thrive, so why not let it? 

What has been stopping you from investing in professional food photography? View my portfolio here or get in touch if you’re looking for a food photographer in Cornwall to help your take your business to the next level.

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