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graphic design.

Canva graphic design templates for tourism. hospitality. services. creatives. tradespeople.

graphic design.

Canva graphic design templates for tourism. hospitality. services. creatives.

Elevate Your Brand

with stunning

Our Canva templates ensure every detail shines, attracting and engaging your audience with compelling visuals.

graphic design

why Onna design?

TEN years experience

Over a decade of experience working with WordPress across a range of industries.

local market expert

Over eight years experience working with Cornish businesses on their digital strategy.

adaptable & transparent

Commended on my honest and straight forward approach. Adaptable to your working style.


Crafting stunning, branded, editable Canva graphics tailored for business owners and bloggers aiming to enhance their brand presence. Whether you require social media graphics, fresh menus, media kits, or welcoming packs, these templates will elevate your brand presentation, attracting both customers and clients.

My graphic templates are customisable, and meticulously designed to meet your specific business requirements.

Transform your dining experience with our carefully crafted restaurant menu designs. Whether you’re a cosy cafe or an upscale restaurant, our Canva designs ensure your menus are not only visually appealing but also reflect your brand’s identity. Each design can be easily customised as your menu changes through the month or season, enticing diners to explore and indulge.

Make a lasting impression with eye-catching posters for your events. Our Canva templates are designed to grab attention and communicate your event details effectively. Whether promoting a local gig, a community event, or a business seminar, these posters combine compelling visuals with clear messaging to attract attendees and create buzz in Cornwall and beyond.

Enhance your online presence with our dynamic social media graphics. From engaging Instagram posts to professional LinkedIn banners, our Canva templates empower you to create consistent and captivating visuals that resonate with your audience. Whether promoting products, sharing updates, or building brand awareness, these graphics are designed to maximise engagement and drive traffic to your business.

Elevate your blogging game with our professionally designed media kits. Perfect for bloggers and business owners, these Canva templates showcase your blog’s statistics or business services in a polished and visually appealing format. Impress potential sponsors and clients with a comprehensive overview that highlights your experience and professionalism.

Delight your guests from the moment they arrive with our personalised welcome packs. Designed specifically for accommodation businesses in Cornwall, these Canva templates allow you to create thoughtful and informative welcome materials. From local attraction guides to amenities details and dining recommendations, each pack is crafted to enhance the guest experience and leave a lasting impression.

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