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Email Marketing services in Cornwall

Engage With Your Community Through Email Marketing.

Create conversations that will convert customers and drive sales.

Email marketing is all about harnessing the power of your existing community. For example, someone may have visited your website but didn’t end up buying something. Since they signed up for your newsletter, you can now reach them when you have new deals, new products, and more. So that website visitor can become a customer of yours. As a Cornwall digital marketing agency, we offer email marketing services. 

It’s crucial to continually engage with your community through channels such as email marketing and social media. Your website’s visitors need to be constantly reminded that you exist and why they should shop with you. Then, next time they are looking for a specific product or service, your business will be the first that pops into their head. 

Basically everyone who has a job or goes to school beyond 16 years old in the western world has an email. That’s billions of people that can become your subscribers. On average, 81% of small to medium size businesses rely on email as their primary way to reach customers. Furthermore, 72% of customers prefer email over other communication channels. The return on investment for email marketing is 4200%. That’s amazing!

There is no doubt that email plays a huge role in people’s personal and professional lives. For example, Onna Boden Creative Services increased the email click rate for one customer by 5000%. For another customer, their email subscribers went up by 362%. 

“As soon as Onna began working with us, it was clear her extensive skill set and professional attitude would be invaluable to us as a business. Onna was instantly able to see the bigger picture, understand where we were as a business and most importantly understand where we wanted to be and how to help us get there."
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our email marketing services.

why email marketing

  • People don’t lose it as social media posts get lost in their social media feeds.
  • Your customers/clients can open the email when it best suits them.
  • The email can be personalised so people feel more connected to you as a business. 
  • Analytics can be easily tracked.


Social media can get very overwhelming. So many people are posting, and lots of people are advertising. Stay ahead of the game and on top of people’s minds through email marketing. 

what exactly is email marketing?

Email marketing essentially shares your services and whatever else you would like through email to your audience. This type of marketing can include multiple things:

  • Sharing upcoming events.
  • Showing new products.
  • Explaining upcoming changes.
  • Releasing limited edition products/services.
  • Explaining holiday sales.
  • Share the latest blog posts.
  • And more!

Anyone who goes on your website or makes a purchase with you would receive a prompt to join your email community. That is how you get people’s emails. 

You can choose to send out daily, weekly, monthly, etc., emails to your subscribers about any of the above. The best part of it is that you can include links in the email so people can click on them and be led directly to what you’re trying to sell them.

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Are you ready to connect with your audience?

We would love to have a chat with you, whether you’re a business in Cornwall or anywhere else in the world. Contact us today to get started.

what if people don’t open the emails?

If people do not open the emails, don’t worry. We can always change the time of day or day of the week emails are sent. We can also make the subject and preview text more attractive so people feel compelled to open it. If we make the text super juicy, people won’t have a choice but to open it. Most people do not want to miss out on a good deal. 

return on your investment.

Statistically, the return on your investment in email marketing is 4200%. That is incredible! What’s even more amazing is that customers who purchase items through email marketing spend 138% more than customers who don’t receive any offers via email. The majority of millennials prefer using email for business communications. Target your customers where they are most comfortable.

don’t miss out on this direct line to your future customers.

We know it’s hard to stay ahead of the game and stay on top. But you don’t have to do everything yourself. By spending money on creative services such as email marketing, you’ll make more money in the long run. As a result, customers will keep coming back, and you’ll also get new ones. 

Don’t forget to keep in contact with your customers and build a relationship with them. Some tools we use to manage subscribers include MailChimp and Flodesk. 

We offer custom marketing packages that include email marketing. You just have to choose the right one for you.

Start keeping up with your community today.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to reach out. We would love to have a chat with you and hear more about how we can help your business.